Trade Data

Importance of Import/Export Data in  Trade Business Trading business is the business of shopping for and mercantilism of products and services for a compensation paid from the client to merchandiser or exchange of products or services between the 2 parties. International trade permits countries to […]

How to Use Viral-Launch and Importkey’s Trade Data to Source Products to Sell on Amazon

Selling online today in the e-commerce world, or even offline has its challenges if you are not familiar with the latest search tools to gain a competitive advantage. However, it’s no secret that Amazon is king of the online shopping world in the U.S., with […]

The Amazon FBA Sourcing Hack That Will Save You Thousands of Dollars

Thinking of going into an Amazon FBA business? It’s a great idea, as it’s a profitable business model that has been successful for hundreds, if not thousands of budding entrepreneurs. However, there are so many different steps you will have to take that requires patience, […]

Using Import and Export Data from ImportKey

ImportKey instantly gives you access to up-to-date import and export data. We want you to make efficient yet informed business decisions by using import and export data from our sophisticated platform. 

Before we move on, know that one of the most vital information you will receive from ImportKey is the Bill of Lading.

The Bill of Lading lays out all the details, from the carrier, shipper, consignee, vessel, quantity, and more. It’s a legal document that acts as a receipt. It’s a binding agreement between a carrier and shipper that the goods were received.

In short, it’s proof that a transaction occurred, giving you confidence that a supplier is doing real business internationally.

How to Avoid Getting Scammed on Ali Baba

Getting into the merchant business and are looking for reliable suppliers?

Congratulations! You’re about to dive into a world of possibilities, where the sky is the limit.

Unfortunately, there are hundreds of websites to choose from to find dependable suppliers, so which one should you choose?

One of the most recommended, popular sites commonly used for suppliers is Ali Baba. However, there’s a risk of getting scammed on Ali Baba, which we want you to avoid.

The solution? Import and export data.

It sounds complicated, but at the end of this article, you’ll be ready to take on our platform – ImportKey.

Our goal is to inform you about how you can use import and export data to find reliable suppliers through Ali Baba. Not only will you know how to use import and export data to your advantage, but how to avoid getting scammed on Ali Baba as well.