How to Find Your Competitor’s Suppliers

Today’s business world is tough and not for
the weak.

There’s an excess amount of products
worldwide that will always be similar or different to your inventory. However,
there will be a time where your competition brings out better products,
undermining your merchandise.

What if I told you that it’s easy to find
your competitor’s suppliers?

It’s quite simple, and the answer is import
and export data.

More than likely you’ll see a product that is
superior to yours, wondering where they got that item. Using our software,
ImportKey, in just a few clicks, you’ll be able to search your competitor’s

The focus of this article is to show you
how to use ImportKey’s import and export data search to find your competitor’s
suppliers, giving you an edge in today’s competitive landscape.

Import and Export Data for a Competitive Advantage

Before we show you how to use our platform,
ImportKey, you should be aware of the competitive advantages of using import
and export data.

The business world is always changing with
new product releases every year. To stay up-to-date, you need up-to-date

At ImportKey, we add thousands of new
import and export data every day, keeping you ahead of the game. You’ll never
fall behind the latest trends and always have a leg up on the competition.

Depending on how significant your market
share is in your business, it’s never too late to find your competitor’s
suppliers to make the right decisions.

Introduction to ImportKey for Supplier Search

Many other import and export data platforms
are complicated, but not ImportKey.

We’ll show you how easy it is to find any supplier for any product.

With a quick look on Amazon’s bestsellers, we found this item:

ImportKey Amazon

This wireless smart home camera appears to be on the “Amazon’s Choice” list. It’s a hot selling item, with thousands of reviews. The company’s name is visible: Wyze Labs. If you wanted to look at this company’s suppliers, head over to ImportKey’s dashboard.

ImportKey Dashboard

Here’s our dashboard, showing the latest
news and latest shipments on the bottom.

Next, we’ll go again and look for “Wyze Labs.”

In this case, we put our search under “Buyer” because we want to identify Wyze Labs as the entity which makes the inventory purchases. Our search auto-populated with “WYZE LABS INC,” providing a match.

ImportKey Buyer List
ImportKey Shipment Overview

As we click on “WYZE LABS INC,” we see the “Overview” giving us a summary of the company’s activity.

We can see there is a match with the “Top 5 Suppliers” shown and top products. In the top products, we can see “camera,” and this company sells smart home cameras, concluding this is our company.

ImportKey Supplier Shipments

Then, we’ll go to the “Suppliers” tab,
where we can see the suppliers for “WYZE LAB INC.”

In the example above, we can pinpoint the
exact six suppliers, “WYZE LABS INC” has with its business operations. We’re
able to identify which suppliers have the most shipments by date range, showing
which suppliers this company uses the most.

In the next tab, “Relationships,” a web
diagram is shown that connects the supplier with the buyer “WYZE LABS INC.”
Sometimes you will see other companies who share the same suppliers as another
business, often the same competition.

ImportKey Shipment Relationship

Now that we’re familiar with the suppliers,
let’s backtrack into the “Shipments” tab (shown below). The “Shipments”
dashboard shows each transaction this company has made, called the “Bill of
Lading.” It’s essentially a receipt that an exchange of goods took place.

ImportKey Company Shipment details

Also, we’re able to see the cargo
description, allowing us to identify which products each supplier provides to
“WYZE INC LABS.” On Amazon, the “Wyze Cam” was a hot selling item, and the bill
of lading states that “TIANJIN HUALAI TECHNOLOGY CO LTD.” delivered “WYZE CAMERA”
in the cargo description.

With a quick google search on the supplier,
it takes us to the company website.

ImportKey Company profile

Just like that, we see the same camera that
is on Amazon, right on the supplier’s website. If you wanted to pursue more
information or even buy the same product, you could contact them through their
website, phone number, or by e-mail. Nizagara

How to Use ImportKey to Find Your Competitor’s Suppliers

Let’s say you’re in the hobby business,
specifically radio control toys. Popular radio control products include drones,
cars, and airplanes. One of the most significant components of radio control
toys is the battery. There are several types, such as “LiPo” and “NiMH.”

If you wanted to have the same batteries as
your competitors, especially if they are leading the industry, you would want
to know how to find their suppliers for your business too.

For example, Traxxas is a leading provider
of everything radio control.

ImportKey Traxxas

As you can see, there’s also a section
dedicated to batteries. To keep things simple, let’s say you wanted to know who
their manufacturer is for their “LiPo” batteries, which is short for lithium

Below, we can see their inventory for LiPo

ImportKey traxxas

To get your hands on their supplier for
LiPo batteries, ImportKey will provide all of your import and export data to
search the exact manufacturer.

Let’s head over to ImportKey and put in
“Traxxas.” What do we find?

ImportKey Company Shipment Overview

A match! In seconds we’re able to find
“Traxxas,” who does international business under the name “TRAXXAS LP,” and its

In the “Suppliers” tab, we’re able to see
twelve suppliers whom Traxxas does business with, bringing you closer to your
goal of finding out their battery manufacturers. 

ImportKey Supplier Shipments
ImportKey Supplier total shipments

Under the “Shipments” tab, the bill of
lading for every transaction is available, including the cargo description.  

Alas! The notorious LiPo battery that we
want for our hobby business is right here, shown above. If you wanted to buy
LiPo batteries, “SHENZHEN GREPOW BATTERY CO LTD” will be the company to

This is an excellent example of showing the
power of ImportKey, making it easy to find your competitor’s suppliers, allowing
you to keep up with the competition.

ImportKey Supplier buyer chain relationships

Speaking of the competition, in the
“Relationships” tab shown above, ImportKey provides the other buyers that share
the same suppliers. We can see that Traxxas is not the only one who has the
same supplier for their LiPo batteries, but other people in the same industry
as well.

As mentioned before, the supplier for the
LiPo batteries is “SHENZHEN GREPOW BATTERY CO LTD.” As we put the name in
Google search, we found the official website. 

ImportKey Traxxas product details

Success! In just a few steps, you can find
your competitor’s suppliers, allowing you to formulate smart business

In this case, we wanted to find LiPo
batteries from the competition, who are leading the industry in this business. Before
we knew it, we found the supplier that manufactured the LiPo batteries and
found their website to contact them in the future.


If you’re going to have an edge in
today’s competitive landscape, using import and export data will help you find
your competitor’s suppliers.

With ImportKey’s simple, yet
sophisticated platform, finding your competitor’s suppliers is easy and
effective. In minutes you will evaluate and assess what needs to be done for
your business to stay competitive. Also, import and export data will reveal
more than just your competitor’s suppliers, but other companies who are in the
same space as you, eating up market share.

It’s essential to keep up with the trends, as your competition is, but are you?

Don’t hesitate! You can look through our options on ImportKey and take advantage of our platform right away.

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